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Av xiang luo - 29 november 2010 10:01

Attention, please! From Nov.26 on, CHINAJIAHO’s Christmas discount policy is working. You can shopping with more discount and free gifts. The VIP membership is come out at same time, shopping as usual, but now, at this time, you can be our VIP member, and there will be extra off discount for your order from CHINAJIAHO.

Fristly, please refer to the following terms of CHINAJIAHO Christmas policy:
- Free Christmas Gift for worldwide customers:
Every customers can get a Christmas gift once you order NOW;
- If the total value of your order is above US$400, there is 2% off. ACT NOW!
- Extra 4% off! If you make the payment via WESTERN UNION. ACT NOW!
- More discounts for VIP
In addition, this Christmas Discount is valid from Nov.26 to Dec.26, 2010. And every customers in CHINAJIAHO can enjoy with the discount.

And we also have Silver VIP Membership and Gold VIP Membership to express our thanks to CHINAJIAHO customers, you can get to know the policy in the following terms:
a. Extra Special Discount – Every dollar you spend on chinajiaho for regular-priced and sale-priced merchandise, will earn you savings.
b. Exclusive Newsletters – Receive updates on VIP Member product specials & exclusive newsletter.
c. Annual Rebate – Buy more, easy to get more rebate.
d. Targeted Services – Just let us know and our account manager will do the rest.
e. More priority – We will give VIP member the priority to order processing and shipment.
f. More Bonus – There’ll be lots of other bonus opportunities throughout the year for shopping on special days and for buying select merchandise.

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Av xiang luo - 23 november 2010 10:48

Based on the pictures, you should think this is just a paint that is a good decoration for your room, anywhere you want some decoration for the space. Today, the paint you see is not just a paint as decoration, it is also a Spy device for your special need. You know, currently, the hidden camera is so popular in today’s life.

Let’s look at it carefully, this real paint contains a pinhole digital video recorder, and the pinhole camera is really hard to be found by human eyes. What’s more? It is even operated by a tiny remote control, this spy video system can be applied to almost any situation. Consequently, this model is operated by internal powerful recharging battery.

It is 720×480 Paint Style Digital Video Recorder with Remote Control. In the recorder, there is 4G Memory card to storage the video. And it includes a hidden pinhole color camera, besides that, the high class paint style is also make the spy device more enjoyable, a wonderful decoration, also a good tool for you.

The Paint Style Hidden Digital Camera Recorder supports digital video recording function and removable flash disk function. It is powered by internal li-ion battery for continuous working up to 10 hours and stand-by time up to 10 days. And there is a built-in MIC for the voice recorder.

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Av xiang luo - 18 november 2010 09:05

Mobile phone will never be an unnecessary tool for your life. You should update your phone with the trend, right? Some years ago, the phone just used to calling, even the SMS function was not compatible with the phone. Then, later SMS function was invented and we begin to send message to people who you wanted to conect. However, nowadays, it seems that mobile phones shoule never be just a telecommunitcate tools, it is a entertainment device, for our life and work.

At present, you should be attracted by the multi-function phones from the pictures. Exactly, it is a Dual Card Quad Band Dual Camera WIFI TV 3.8 Inch JAVA Touch Screen Mobile Phone. Never be a normal phone for telecommunicate. You know, wifi, that was an function that only be with computers, but now, the phones come with the smart function. Bring much entertainment to your life, and your functionable phone. Besides the newst function, you should bothered that how to watch TV by a normal mobile phone. Just go on with my article, our manufacturer just add the TV function to such normal phone, then it comes true for you to watch TV everywhere, never just with the TV sets.

Lastly, you should bother that is there any other useful, or advanced function for your life, don’t worry. All are listed as following for you, Dual cards Dual standby, Bluetooth, MP3 / MP4 player, Calendar, Memo, Alarm clock, World time, Stopwatch, Calculator, Voice recorder, Memory card, GPRS, Sound recorder, E-book reader, FM, MMS, WAP, JAVA, MSN, etc..

Multi-language are compatible for our worldwide customers, consist of English, French, Espanol, Italian, Greek, Deutsch, Polish, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa, Melayu, Deutsch, Türkish, Russian, Persian, Czech and Slovak. You should know that this is really a world phone for you

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Av xiang luo - 11 november 2010 11:19

Days before, we have presented four types of MINI PORTABL JAMMERS for you. To match different customers’ demand, today, we will come to a total typical type of Cellphone Signal Jammer. Such kind of products can be used in any place where mobile phones are prohibited, such as vehicle, meeting room, hospitals, recording churches, testing facilities, security services and so on. Its typical radius range is 10 to 60 meters. The dimension of the device is 455*240*85mm (L x W x D).

As SIGNAL JAMMERS, most people may worry about the fans and heatsink chip, what about this device? Firstly, to keep the device working with high efficiency, we design two fans to keep heat dissipation. One Fan is used to keep the heat in, while the other one is to make the heat out. Therefore, the temperature inside the device will be approximately equal to the outside temperature. Moreover, heatsink chip make the machine work more steadily by taking advantage of complete heat dissipation.

There is another cool function, that it can be used in the automobiles. You can just install this device in different car model. It works supplied with 12V inside the car. To make it more users friendly, we provide the car adaptor with 3M cables. It also can be used in AC 110-240V for indoor purpose. It can be called as a globe device for worldwide users.

This is a new and advanced type of jammer that compatible with four SMA connectors, which are used to connect with antenna (CDMA GSM/DCS PHS 3G), and as to the difference of phone frequency, there are two different types of such jammer, one is for Europe and Middle East, while the other is for American and Asia.

How to install antenna and turn on the device?
To install the antennas, please try to screw the antennas tightly to the corresponding position on the device according to the length remark on the device and antennas The antenna connectors of Output power and working instruction LED on the Cover. Longer Green, Yellow, Blue, Red Dot connect with antenna which are identified by CDMA GSM, DCS PHS, 3G as the indication accordantly, will be ON when the Power SW placed, Power LED shows green, and then the machine begins to work.

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Av xiang luo - 8 november 2010 10:21

What is PiP? It short for Picture in Picture. PiP is a stylish feature of some television receivers and some similar devices. In other words, when one channel is displayed on the full TV screen, some other channel can be displayed in the inset windows at the same time. To avoid the confusing, the sound is usually from the program that display on the full screen only.

You know, that TV function was added to the car dvd players. PiP is really a necessary for the TV function. Of cause, PiP Function cannot work all the time, it requires two independent tuners or signal sources to supply the two different pictures. Two-tuner PiP TVs have a second tuner built in, but a single-tuner PiP TV requires an external signal source, which may be an external tuner, VCR, Car DVD player, or a cable box with composite video outputs.

It is really bothersome that when you are disturbed by some non-related program. You may keep changing channel to see whether your program begin. So, the PiP may help you on this case. Just put the disturbed program in the inset windows and enjoy with another liked channel on the full screen. Cool!

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Av xiang luo - 2 november 2010 10:05

From the name of this mobile phone, you should know that it is a Quad-Band phone, which is unlocked for worldwide use. What’s the mean of that? Its network frequency support GSM network 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, include all the frequency that all the world use.

Come to the phone features, obviously, this is an iPhone-Style menu, it has 180 degree Screen – Sideways, your screen follows any operation with your finger. And it is compatible with QWERTY keypad. Here, the new functions are included, such as WiFi, TV, Bluetooth and Memorandum. You are able to check emails or just surf the Web with advanced WiFi technology. And the screen is 3.2 inch VGA(640×480 pixels) TFT 256K display, that will make you enjoyable with the phone. All basic phone entertaniment functions are compatible with this smart phone. And, as a world phone, it is compatible with English, French, Spanish, Persian, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian and Arabic. Finally, you should know the dimensions/W*D*H of 120×72×23mm.

This is a hot phone here, and it will be a favorable phone if you have one here. There will come with all the accessories, include 2GB TF Card, Power charger adapter (100-240V 50/60Hz) , Rechargeable Li-ion battery, USB Data cable, Wired stereo earphones and English User manual.

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