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Av xiang luo - 10 december 2010 08:40

All the introduction are for your coming Christmas. You should have some special funny thing for your life, such as some special entetainment player. Today, this is a Space Rail for world wide customer.

Space Rail is a suit-toy which could be assembled freedom with its base, shaft and rail, the steel ball could run on the two lines sometimes snail and sometimes scout, it is for adult playing indoor. You could assemble protean rail with your imagination. First, let’s challenge the SPACE RAIL231-3 rail assemble. Taste the exciting and cliff-hanging of steel-ball running through double loops. Also, it is included some stunt parts such as B/O elevator.

The different level of assembling the SPACE RAIL MODEL is realate to ist grades, More high more hard. Insult has 5 grade.

The most important is the warning tips, that you should be careful while using, let’s read following together:

- CHOKING HAZARD- small parts.
- Not for children under 3 years old. Product contains functional sharp points.
- Battery replacement or installation must be done by adult.
- Do not mix used and new batteries.
- Install batteries acccurately in the battery. Compartment and ensure to place batteries as marked(-)(+).
- Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc), orrechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries.
- Rechargeable batteries are not suitable to be used fot this product.

In addition, you should not cumber the elevator (motor) running when the power offering to avoid risk caused by the overheat motor.

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