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iWatch Inspired Touch Screen Camera Compass Bluetooth Watch Phone

Av xiang luo - 25 februari 2011 09:12

What is the most interesting device in currently Apple idea? You should know, it is Iwatch. This is a inspired electronics – Iwatch Inspired Touch Screen Camera Compass Bluetooth Watch Phone! Cool look, isn’t it? Take it easy, let view a little more about this wonder invention.

In shape, the iWatch is designed with inspiration of iPhone 4. The frame is filled with technology and fashion. In addition, so many friends complain about the single color of iPhone black, now this new device come with a variety of colors. You may like the colorful iPhone in such type.

The display screen is 1.8 inches, 128 × 160 pixels HD, TFT, 260 thousand color. And for a watch phone, it also has good memory size 2 GB (TF card included), 4GB Maximum support. And thought is looks small, but from the menu, you can see so many entertainment option for you, including Phone Book, Messages, Call Center, File Explorer, Music, Camera, Video Recorder, Video Player, Fun & Games, Internet, Multimedia, Extra, Settings, User Profiles, Organizer, Bluetooth, etc. Then, it has strong software support, the same as a normal phone, even better. Besides these function, the iWatch also contains Camera, Mini Numeric Key Pad, Speakers, MIC, Power, Stylus, SIM Card Slots x 2, UP/Down Touch Key, Call Button Touch Key, Drop Call Button Touch Key, Exit Button Touch Key, OK Button.

For worldwide friends, it even consist of the world popular language, those are English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Arabic and Chinese. What’s more? Its compatibled systems consist of Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista (32 bit version only) / Windows7, Mac OS 9.x and later.

Then, with such top software supported, this Watch Phone is also very portable, and you can wear it comfortably, it is L:50 x W:60 x H:18 (mm) and the strap is adjustable one size.

Article Source:http://www.chinajiaho.com/Wholesale-mobile-phones-mobile-phone-watches_c1035.html


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