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Av xiang luo - 25 mars 2011 10:45

Car Electronics are widely used today. Various types of such consumer electronics are appeared in the market, including Car DVD Players, Car Video, Car Rearview Cameras, Car Parking Sensor, Car MP4 Players, etc. You should choose a very type for you and your cars. This time, let’s come to Car MP3 Transmitter Players that are warm welcomed in today’s Car Electronics market.

Compared with Car DVD Players, Car MP3 Transmitter Players are much smaller and portable for both you and your car. Of cause, the cute style brings it fewer functions than other sorts of electronics. However, that’s never be less I think. MP3 Player and Radio functions are really important for your trip. MP3 and WMA formats are both compatible with all Car MP3 Players. Besides this, LCD displays the volume and ordinal number of English song. And the wide range of the radio frequencies (87.5-108.0MHz, 206 channels) is supported. These players apply to USB Device and MP3 Players. To make your operation more convenient in cars, remote controller is designed on the device.

Car MP3 WMA Wireless FM Modulator is an advanced model at Chinajiaho online store. The wireless design will occupy less space than traditional wired design. MP3, Radio and Remote controller are all supported as well. In the big electronics market, Chinese supplier will bring you the best price and highest quality.

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Av xiang luo - 18 mars 2011 05:23

You need another new type car video play for your precise automobile, will you? CHINAJIAHO keep the steps to search the newest and latest type for our wolrdwide customers. Today, a brand new type will listed in your eyes. Keep attention, here.

This Car DVD Player is full functioned dvd player, just from my title you should know that capatible with GPS, MPEG4 DVB-T, PIP, 3D Menu. These three functions are just a small part of this dvd player functions system. The CAR DVD come with 7″(16:9)touch screen monitor and full motorized flip down mechanism for panel motion. The DVD used High Resolution 800*480 digital screen that enable users enjoy with the player comfortably. Then, it is compatible with steering wheel control function and built-in Bluetooth for mobile hands-free.

What’s more? Please take your time and let’s view the following cool features:
- Built in IPOD function
- PIP(picture in picture.)
- Digital TV supported: Built DVB-T MPEG-4
- 2-Zone function ,the 2 program can be setting differently
- Built in GPS Navigation function
- Radio receiving: FM/AM can be stored 32 stations. RDS is available .
- USB/SD card port: support MP4,DIVX,JPEG,MP3 and WMA playback
- Car backing display: Car reverse camera input (switch automatically)
- Language of OSD menu with DVD: Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish;
- Operation menu of language: Chinese, English
- AV output/input :2 video out, 2audio output, 2video input ,2 audio input
- Subwoofer output
- Compatible with DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, HDVD, DVCD, MP3, MP4, CD-R, CD-RW, VCD, DIVX, WMA and so on.
- Maximal power:4X50W maximum power output

Hope all the above information will bring your automobile another wonderful experience.

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Av xiang luo - 15 mars 2011 08:22

A Mobile phone signal jammer is used to stop nearby Mobile phones from sending or receiving signals. Then, how do Mobile phone jammers work? Let’s view the following information of this issue:

Have you ever been annoyed at chattering on others’ Mobile phone, while you are forced to listen to his yakety-yak? These Mobile phone users are loud and obnoxious, they talk everywhere you are, such as a restaurant or watching a movie at the theater, in the bus or train, in churches, mosques or other places of worship. And even in the library or the museum, in the hospital, in the school classroom and so on. Are you irritated with these chatterboxes? Then, never mind, because a Mobile phone jammer will come to stop such bothersome issues for you.

The range of a personal Mobile phone jammer can be from 10 meters to 100 meters. The jammer can also work at a distance behind walls. Portable Mobile phone jammers are small and pocket-sized, just like Mobile phones. The jammer fits into a pack of cigarettes, so it is easy to hide. The jammer can work well, even when it is in an enclosure. Larger Mobile phone jammers are more powerful and have a range that can be measured in miles, usually this is used by commitments. .

A Mobile phone jammer has three antennas, one each for GSM, 3G and DCS. The jammer works by broadcasting a white noise signal or a wave bubble. First, you have to charge the jammer for at least an hour. Then, you have to plug in the jammer, and turn it on, so Mobile phones in the proximity will have no service available and all calls and messages are lost at that time. Some Mobile phones switch to searching that means their signal is knocked out. When you turn off the jammer, the signals normalize as usual. You can just control the signal for your own need.

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Av xiang luo - 12 mars 2011 04:17

Here, the special car dvd player means that the car dvd player designed specially for Branded Cars, such as Ford, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Buick, Volkswagen and KIA Series Cars.

For enjoy your car life, owning a branded car is wonderful, and configure an additional car Entertainment system is more and more wonderfully. For promoting driving experience. Car DVD Player may be a very good choice for you and your dear car. Here, the Special Car DVD Player have the multimedia function such as GPS Navigator, DVD Playback, Bluetooth, AM, FM, iPod connection, Rearview camera IN support, subwoofer, even the digital tv reception function, the Can-Bus and Streering Wheel Control function.
To have special car dvd player for your precise cars, it may be better. The style should be matched to your car style perfectly. The Car DVD Player size should suitable for the vehicle center console reserved for car electrical appliances. Various advanced functions are also the attractive point for you have such DVD Players in your vehicles.

All our Car DVD Players are manufactured with international standard. For the standard, our professional manufacturers are made according to an international DIN standard. DIN is a standard installation space of which vehicle center console reserved for car electrical appliances such as Car DVD, Car monitors and so on.

Here, our site supply many styles of car dvd players which fit for different brand car, such as Ford Focus and FIESTA, Chevrolet Cruze, Toyota COROLLA, Honda City, VW GOLF6, Toyota CAMRY, Peugeot 307…and so on. You can click here to view all of special car dvd players, one of them may suit for your dear car.

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Av xiang luo - 3 mars 2011 08:32

In summer, we always wear sunglasses to withstand light. When we walk around the street, we would like to listen some beautiful music. Why not make these things together? Then the mp3 sunglasses come out. It is a good invention.

The sunglasses have several advantages. Firstly, it can protect our eyes and relax us at the same time. Secondly, with good design and comfortable materials, it will make us very cool and feel comfortable. Thirdly, it is colorful, such as red, blue, and green, you can choose whatever color you like. Fourthly, the sunglasses mp3 player can hold 1GB flash memory music, you can listen whatever you want. Lastly, it also has a big battery capacity, it can work at least 3 hours, and you can listen whenever you want.

With your attentions, will make these sunglasses better. In the future, we will make it to use solar energy directly, and then you will not need to charge it. Maybe we will also add other functions to this sunglasses, such as playing videos, bluetooth. What is the most important, it is good quality with low price, it will only take you a few dollars, but it can be used more than you think. Such a good invention, every one of us will want to have one.

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