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Av xiang luo - 26 maj 2011 11:29

You just have your personal private channels and brings easy access to music in stereo listening pleasure? Enjoy the fantastic music without headphones and share the joy of music with their friends and family?FM transmitter is really private radio stations, mini, it can Discman, MD are transferred, MP3 (including Apple iPod), and other portable audio and video player within the audio signal into a high-quality stereo FM radio signal to a car or home radio receiver, the stereo music to appreciate, as transmitters of FM in general, music to mobile phone radiation frequency of the radio station, mobile music when your car radio to the frequency of the phone you get from a car FM transmitter output stage to get fired transfer rate extends the functionality of applications, applications, and the atmosphere of players on hand. and realize the dream of his own radio station, so you do not get normally, stereo headphones can easily bring the beauty of music, and you can enjoy with family and friends is so great, music and joy that makes FM.About Car Technology FM TransmitterOverall, the sound of the FM transmitter is actually driven vibration, vibration of the present by the horn sound. The Speaker is much more like the original vibration of the tool, the sound is of good quality is much better. directly to the vibration approach analogous approach records, similar to the tape and vinyl, in theory, wrote the best sound quality of this disk. However, because of interference from this environment, the poor, hard to maintain, so in addition to the master tape approach, an expert from the outside, the other to be applied away.

Av xiang luo - 9 maj 2011 10:14

Based on the pictures, you should find that it is a big screen dvd player, however, it is only a one dvd, that can fit to special automobile demand. Days before, you may be bothered with that you cannot have a wide vision from your car dvd player for the limited dvd space. You can just have a one din car dvd player in your car, but you like to have a big screen dvd player that like 2 din dvd players.Today, this type is designed specially for the above car owners. Big screen dvd player with one din size. Basically, this is an in-dash DVD player with built-in amplifier with 22 watts RMS/50 peak of 4 channels. Then, it has a motorized foldout mechanism panel to contain the 7-inch LCD video screen. Being an advanced dvd, the screen should certainly compatible with touchscreen control function.Then, how about other functions? GPS, Bluetooth, TV, FM are all supported by this cool GPS Car DVD player. With the compatible PAL/NTSC/SECAM/SECAM_L, the tv function is really strong. You can also benefit the bluetooth function with its adapter for hands-free calls with compatible cell phones. This dvd player also have a rearview camera input.Consequently, as a car dvd player, the basic and important feature is the formats that can be supported by the dvd player, here for this dvd player, it comes with DivX / DVDs, DVD-Rs / RWs, DVD+Rs / +RWs, CDs, CD-Rs / RWs, MP3 / WMA discs, JPEG, and MPEG1 and 2 files.

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