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There are express the degree of safety of electromagnetic waves in China. Rules for the Protection of electromagnetic waves is approved by the National Agency for Environmental Protection March 11, 1988 and executed on June 1 this year. It provides security for the population of the radiation. For society, the average radiation field at a frequency of 30-3000MHz 0.4w/sm must be within six points in twenty-four chasa.Pomeh cellular phone made by the authorities will visit the offices are interconnected.
Typically, the signal from interference device used in a room and a conference room for small power tools. And places are strictly limited. They are usually located in the hall, or move somewhere else at the table guardian. There will be 2-3 meters away from the danger lyudey.Radiatsionnoy was limited in the range of safety.

In a small room, in any case, we hold more power compact GPS jamming  with the radius of coverage of more than fifty metrov.Sotovy phone jamming high power has the greatest strength of the electromagnetic field.

If the rays of the danger of human well-being? This is not the case. We understand that the mobile phone, a microwave and a TV all radiate. But the rays can be neglected within a certain radius and time. This does not lead to irreparable damage to our body. That is why it is widely used around the world and can never be abandoned.find out the best online wholesale china site please check out

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