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Av xiang luo - 31 augusti 2012 17:12

Are you get ready for a new tablet pc ? here you can learn more about how to choose a tablet pc that meets your need.
Ok, Let’s starts !
Here We list four hot selling tablet on 2011
No.1       7 inch Google Android OS Tablet PC  (click  image for more detail)

No.2        8 Inch Google Android 2.3 Tablet with Multi-Point Capacitive Touch Screen
( click  image for more detail)

No.3     10 Inch Google Android 3.2 Tablet PC Multi-Touch Capacitive Screen
                (click  image for more detail)

No.4         9.7 Inch Touch Screen Google Android 2.3 OS (3.0 UI) Tablet
                   (click  image for more detail)

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