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Av xiang luo - 8 september 2010 11:49

QWERTY Keypad is used widely on the mobile phones. On the street, you can find that many people use QWERTY Keypad Mobile Phones. Such design is really convenient and easy to operate. Today, chinajiaho have a special cool type for you, let’s view the features of this flip QWERTY Keypad phone:

Firstly, owing to the pictures, this is fashionable type for both men and women, never too manly or womanly. You should also be attracted that it is a Dual SIM Card Phone with dual cameras. It includes almost functions that appeared in today’s mobile technical. Such Quad Band Dual Card QWERTY Keypad WIFI TV FM Mobile Phone is compatible with Bluetooth, MP3 / MP4 player, Calendar, Memo, Alarm clock, TV, WiFi, Calculator, Voice recorder, 2G Memory card, GPRS, Sound recorder, E-book reader, FM, MMS, WAP, JAVA, MSN and so on.

What’s more? This is a Quad Band cell phone that means you can use this phone all over the world, it is also called world phone. The TV and WIFI functions are advanced. With such two advanced functions, you can watch tv everywhere you can get the signal and surfing on Internet through WIFI.

Finally, to match different favors of customers, it is designed with 3 colors: Black, Red and Purple. The flip design appeared in the dimension of 88×62×17mm.

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Av xiang luo - 3 september 2010 09:14

Portable Scanner aims to work as a very useful assistant for office people to manage docs easily and efficiently. With this BY500, a powerful e-Doc management solution, you can scan, copy, print, OCR, video record, email and document classification, and so on. It is really a good partner and a useful tool for both office and home. If you are office people, bank clerks, government officials, schoolteachers or people in other sectors in need of an overall e-Doc management solution, such Portable Scanner is the best assistance for you.

As a computer accessories of scanner, it captures images of real objects at high resolution in one second. The captured image can be in true color or in black and white. When you want to copy the document, it can capture a document or an object up to A4 size in one second, and the captured document can be printed out via any printer. Then, it helps you to print scanned materials any time as a good printer. Coolly, it can also works as a name card scanner, providing powerful recognition function.

And, you may not familiar with OCR function, here, it can convert scanned printed text materials into .txt processing files that can be easily edited and stored. This can greatly save your time to type printed materials. For English language, the compatibility can be 96%.

Different with normal scanner, it can send email so that you can share docs with others easily by emailing docs from the management system directly. Lastly, being a good assistance, it helps you to classify docs by different formats including Word/Excel/PDF etc. files can be converted into those formats easily.

You should wonder its specification, ok, let’s check the following features of such amazing portable scanner together:
Image resolution: 5M
Capture size: Up to A4 Size
Power: USB powered (no extra adaptor needed)
Interface: USB 2.0
Image format: JPEG, TIF, PDF
Light sources: Ambient light & Aux 10 LEDs
Bundle software: NimoDoc with powerful OCR function
Language supported: Multi-languages
OS: Windows 2000 (SP4)/ WinXP /VISTA/Win7
Product size: 423x83x65mm

Based the above introductions and features, you should be interested with the lovely and useful product. Have one for your business, or for your home. Good idea!

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Av xiang luo - 1 september 2010 11:27

Cool Car DVD Player it is! From the outlook, you cannot assist for such amazing and cool design. Have this one in your automobile, and you will enjoy with it all trip, never boring time will have in your car. Right, it is a single din Standard 7 Inch Wide Screen Car DVD Player – TV – Bluetooth – RDS – iPod.

With the advanced 7.0 inch Wide Digital Screen TFT Touch Screen Display, so many customers are attracted with this single din car dvd. Then as a dvd player, you should need it is multi formats supported, this dvd will not let you disappointment, please refer to the following details:
- Video Formats: 3GP, MPEG4, AVI, DIVX
- Audio Formats: MP3, WMA
- Picture Formats: JPEG, GIF

And, to match the users’ demand, it is also compatible with iPod connector. The built in Bluetooth function enables you with HS/HF, A2DP, AVRCP and OPP PROFILES. And so that users can play stereo music through Bluetooth. Then, you can click the Backsight to watch the rear monitor situation while driving. The Electronic Anti-Shock is compatible as well.

And as a worldwide device, it supports multi languages on the DVD OSD menu interface, including English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Italian, and Swedish. Both NTSC and PAL are compatible for TV function. This cool Car DVD Player supports AM / FM / Stereo Receiver and RDS functions. What’s the coolest is that it can read 3D map.

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Av xiang luo - 30 augusti 2010 09:37

“Only a pad.” You may doubt that why they are appeared in chinajiaho, a consumer electronic mall. Never doubt that, it is not a normal pad, it is a drum kit. Amazing product, isn’t it?

Based on the attached pictures, this kit includes 6 playing pads, and each pad make out 8 Special Drum Pad effects. Besides this design, it is also compatible with 48 Rhythm Patterns and 8 Bass Loops. This is a super consumer electronic, it works with the drum software that can make the drum kit with many functions, such as Record and Payback Panel function with Play, Stop, Record, Program, Open and Save. The tempo consists of 40-208 beats.

The roll up drum kit works with Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP. And PC with Pentium 3 or compatible processor that operates at 1.5 GHz or faster.

This is a portable device for you, its dimension is just 25(L) * 34(W) * 0.5(D) cm. It will not take much space of your desk or anywhere you want enjoy with such amazing product.

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Av xiang luo - 26 augusti 2010 06:10

Days before, we have presented four types of MINI PORTABL JAMMERS for you. To match different customers’ demand, today, we will come to a total typical type of Cellphone Signal Jammer. Such kind of products can be used in any place where mobile phones are prohibited, such as vehicle, meeting room, hospitals, recording churches, testing facilities, security services and so on. Its typical radius range is 10 to 60 meters. The dimension of the device is 455*240*85mm (L x W x D).

As SIGNAL JAMMERS, most people may worry about the fans and heatsink chip, what about this device? Firstly, to keep the device working with high efficiency, we design two fans to keep heat dissipation. One Fan is used to keep the heat in, while the other one is to make the heat out. Therefore, the temperature inside the device will be approximately equal to the outside temperature. Moreover, heatsink chip make the machine work more steadily by taking advantage of complete heat dissipation.

There is another cool function, that it can be used in the automobiles. You can just install this device in different car model. It works supplied with 12V inside the car. To make it more users friendly, we provide the car adaptor with 3M cables. It also can be used in AC 110-240V for indoor purpose. It can be called as a globe device for worldwide users.

This is a new and advanced type of jammer that compatible with four SMA connectors, which are used to connect with antenna (CDMA GSM/DCS PHS 3G), and as to the difference of phone frequency, there are two different types of such jammer, one is for Europe and Middle East, while the other is for American and Asia.

How to install antenna and turn on the device?
To install the antennas, please try to screw the antennas tightly to the corresponding position on the device according to the length remark on the device and antennas The antenna connectors of Output power and working instruction LED on the Cover. Longer Green, Yellow, Blue, Red Dot connect with antenna which are identified by CDMA GSM, DCS PHS, 3G as the indication accordantly, will be ON when the Power SW placed, Power LED shows green, and then the machine begins to work.

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Av xiang luo - 21 augusti 2010 08:26

A series of accessories of the Wii are appeared in the consumer electronics market. Here, to supply the advanced products to the worldwide friends, we keep updating our catalogue to match the demand of you.

Today, this type of Wii accessories is a Wii remote controller battery charger. It is compatible with Wii controller battery pack. And include 2 pcs 2800mAh battery packs, so that it can charge for two controllers at the same time.

Maybe you are not familiar with the using steps, or you should know more of this charger so that you can know clear whether you need one or not. Here, please refer to the following using steps of this charger:

The first step: connect special USB cable to USB port of the back of Wii console, turn on the power switch, the power indicator of the dual charger controller will glisten blue light, whn Wii controller not installed in the set (or Wii controller is in saturation condition), transparent light ba will glisten bright blue light.

When the Wii controller in the left charge socket under unsaturated condition, the left part of the transparent light bar will glisten bright red light, that means the controller in the left charge socket is under charging.

When the Wii controller in the right charge socket under unsaturated condition, the right part of the transparent light bar will glisten bright red light, that means the controller in the right charge socket is under charging.

After charging for some time, the left (right) half part of the transparent bar turns blue, that means the controller in left (right) socket is fully charged, during charging time, if the left and right part of the transparent bar have no glister that means Wii controller need further charging, if all fully charged, the left and right part will glisten bright blue light beam.

When the left (right) part of the transparent bar glisten bright blue light, that means Wii controller is fully charged, at the time, should take out the Wii controller, when another controller is fully charged, take it out and switch off and turn off outer power.

When charging two controllers at the same time, the whole part of the transparent bar glisten blue light, that means the tow Wii controllers are all fully charged, the time, take out the two controllers, the light bar still glistening bright blue light, then switch off and turn off the outer power.

More wii accessories parts, please visit our video games accessories category.

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Av xiang luo - 18 augusti 2010 08:08

HDD media player is a typical consumer product. It is a generic term that combines a hard drive enclosure with hardware and software for playing audio, video and photos through a home entertainment system. It can be used either as a conventional external hard drive, or to play computer-based media files through external media devices without the need for a separate computer.

Users can transfer or duplicate the media files onto the unit by HDD media player, so that the files can be used at other devices. Widely known that, HD media players are usually designed for compactness and affordability. It is tend to have small, or even non-existent hardware displays. File navigation is usually performed with an infrared remote control, with visual feedback supplied through a connected television set.

However, usually, the devices are not able to play CDs or DVDs directly so that users should convert these media into the compatible files through a separate computer and software. They are also not usually capable of recording audio or video.

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Av xiang luo - 16 augusti 2010 08:12

A brand new type of desk decoration, you will find it much amazing when it is appeared on your table, office table or in your room. Right, this is an Electro Magnetic Levitation Globe.

This is absolutely magic and fascinating experience for you purchasing choice, with some exact operation, the globe will conquer the gravity o the earth and levitate in the midair. From the pictures, you will wonder that how to keep it floating. Here, it works with the support from the magnetic. Before have this cool world globe, you may eager to know the operation instructions:

1/ Please place the levitation device on an absolutely horizontal surface. If the surface is not flat and level, the globe cannot levitate normally;
2/ Switch on the power;
3/ Hold the globe with your two hands and put your little fingers on the base as under props and move the south pole of the globe vertically downwards the center of the base;
4/ Make the globe approach gradually and vertically towards the center of the base;
5/ When you fell a strong force, which is holding the globe from the base, this position is the levitation place, which is 12mm-15mm over the base. At this moment, please release the globe gently;
6/ Use your finger o push the globe gently, the globe will be turning in the mid air automatically;
7/ this is 12mm-15mm over the base is the levitation distance;

While your operation, you should make sure units is installed on a flat surface. Then keeping steel objects and other electronic items away from the globe.

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