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Av xiang luo - 29 september 2010 12:24

Dynamic Marine Projector Lamp is a decoration that projects the swinging light like an ocean surface makes you relax at bathroom or living room.

From the pictures, you may be not clear that what is Daren. Here, please follow this article for the amazing device for your colorful life.

Daren is a wave of new mini-wave projection lamps, modeling simple, easy to use. Apply to bathrooms, the living room, bedroom or any space, reproduce the sparkling sea at any time a glorious natural beauty, allows you to feel as immersed in the deep sea calm and the sea embrace peace, creating a romantic, leisure and cozy atmosphere of the space to achieve physical and mental relaxation effect. It is also a small stereo, allows you to enjoy the beautiful environment, but also can enjoy the wonderful music.

Dynamic Marine Projector Lamp with Decompression Functions supports external USB and 4.5 V DC plug, automatic sleep function, an hour later automatically closed. And then you can also press the key to close it to pen. And the built-in Mini speaker can be as ipod, mp3 speakers, and features intimate and easy to use.

Finally, while using the light device you should pay attention to the following use notes:

This Electronic Gadgets product can be used in the bathroom, to prevent the water droplets into the machine so as to avoid failure of internal

Never use this product on this product is not a smooth flat surface to prevent the product skew, affecting results

Never place this product on the high temperature, humidity, the scope of the use of hight-intensity magnetic field so as to avoid products have problems.

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Av xiang luo - 25 september 2010 08:14

For the coming splendid festival, CHINAJIAHO keep enriching our catalogues, especially for the mobile phone watches. You know, the watches become much more popular. When it is compatible with phone function, more people choose the watch type instead of the traditional types, such as flip, slide and bar. Then, the mobile phone watches is not only a fashion sign, it is also a very useful partners with you.

Today, there is a brand new type for you and the friend around you. Yes, that is Dual SIM Card Quad Band Built-in 1GB Memory Wrist Watch Cell Phone with Camera and Bluetooth supported. It is compatible with a vast internal memory of 1GB, and then you can have so many useful files in your phone watch. Then, for the watch, it has a cute and good screen of 1.4 inch and QVGA (176×128 pixels) TFT screen. The display color is 256k. Nearly all the formats are supported by such fashion MOBILE PHONE WATCH, including Polyphonic, MP3, WAV, AMR, AWB, 3GP, MPEG4 (AVI) JPEG. BMP, GIF and the ebook format TXT.

You know, such fashionable mobile phone watch supports all the basic functions. Then you should have much wonders that what else will you enjoy with such special watches. For the watch you can wear it everywhere, and the good design will let you match such cool type through most of your fit. Never need to worry that you may be able to find your phone, or you will never loose a call or a message with such a watch on your hand. Answering calls with the headrest, it is more fit and convenient for you. Never need a hand to hold the phone, just through the headrest.

Consequently, you surely had much interesting with such a excellent mobile phone design. Yes, it is MOBILE PHONE WATCHES. Come and choose the very type for yourself or your lovely friends.

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Av xiang luo - 21 september 2010 09:15

This is a brand new product in CHINAJIAHO mall. From the pictures, you may think that it is just a normal clock. Exactly no. This is a hidden camera. Widely used in your life, it can protect your home safety, and you can also see much that you want to know. Just put a clock in the place that you want to take a look at it or you just want to guide the place.

Here, you should know more about this clock, you know this is not a normal clock, so please follow the details:
a. Once the storage space is not enough, the system will start the circular recording function and cover the anterior data. So please save the important file in your computer.
b. In low battery condition, the green light flashes three times. The system will save the file automatically and power off. If you want to use it, please charge it.
c. If the system stops working because some special reasons, please press K1 and K2 button in the same time to restart the system.
d. Cannot switch on, please check the battery power or press K1 and K2 button to restart the system.
e. Cannot record video and take photo, please check that whether the storage space is enough.
f. Cannot connect with the computer, please confirm your operation system, device, USB connecting are correct or the TF card had been plug correctly.

Application: please strictly abide relevant regulations and laws. This product should not be used for any illegal purposes. The user is fully responsible for its using purpose.

Battery: if do not use this recording function after long time, please charged it fully before using.

File security: this product is not a professional storage device. It does not guarantee the integrity and security of saved files, and please back up your important documents on the computer or other storage device timely.

Video quality: this product is not a professional video recording device. It does not guarantee the effect of the video file to have the professional quality.

Shooting brightness: do not expose the camera directly to strong light, such as the sun light, to avoid damage to optical devices.

This Spy Camera Clock product belongs to sophisticated electronic products, please do not make it have a strong impact, vibration, do not put it in strong magnetic fields, strong electric field to use.

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Av xiang luo - 18 september 2010 08:21

Voice Detecting Auto Callback GSM Spy Audio Bug is compatible with an advanced voice function that enables the device to call back automatically once it get voice information. Such devices are featured with small size, clear voice, long standby time, simple operation, stable performance, and easy installation. And as to the external control and a flashlight dedication make the usage much easier. So that users can have a base station location for tracking, home surveillance, automotive anti-theft tracking, and child custody.

How to use, then? Firstly, open the back cover, insert the SIM card holder automatically boot, boot-up indicator light 5-8 seconds until the indicator light means the rear cover can be stamped out after the dial-up use. While operating this Voice Detecting Auto Callback GSM Spy Audio Bug, please make sure the GSM network signal strength in the place you install the device, never install it in weak signal areas or even no signal, so that the device can work well. And then you should write code before you switch out to the base station location, using SMS GDM (NOTE: GDM necessary to complete capital letters) to increase the number of calls you, (such as GDM123456789). Later, to switch out to the B position, when you do not have voice-activated switch out to the A position, there is no sound at this time regardless of the outside will not automatically back out, can only answer a call.

While using, troubleshooting listed as following:

Light does not shine?
See whether there is battery powe. Charge after use.

Cannot get through phone?
Firstly, you should check SIM card is there any good plug. Boot from the new card. If still do not auto-response, please boot from the new card and confirm whether it is GSM card using the local GSM network. Then, you should check that whether the signal is strong enough.

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Av xiang luo - 15 september 2010 03:14

Time is coming to the later half of the year, how about your business? Good, or not good? Never mind how it was in the past, just put your heart focus on the left time in the year.

You know, a purchasing season is coming, CHINAJIAHO are enriching the products catalogue for worldwide customers. So many new, cool, amazing consumer electronics are appeared in CHINAJIAHO shopping mall. Not only the catalogue of mobile phones, car dvd players, car accessories are also updated with the newest and hottest products. And, there are so much cute, cool favorable Christmas Gifts are prepared well in our mall for the coming wholesale seasons.

Never doubt that the coming Christmas is an important time for your business in a year. Being a shopkeeper, it’s time for you to enrich warehouse for the coming shopping season. Being a wholesaler, wouldn’t you want to prepare for your business right now? Come to contact with me, CHINAJIAHO are prepared well to cooperate with you for our mutual benefit.

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Av xiang luo - 11 september 2010 04:58

Never be unfamiliar with this headphones, it is famous now, as a crown in the field of headphones. Having one, it is just the trendy. Why does it be so famous? From this article, you should know more.

This earphone will let you hear more, you should discover that more high performance Monster connections and accessories that enhance your digital life. Take your jams with you when the open road calls so that you will just enjoy with delightful road trip. The Monster iCarPlay Wireless 250 and iCarCharger 200 make it easy to connect your iPod or iPhone to your car stereo and get the biggest, clearest sound possible.

Patented Monster technologies for ultimate performance
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The same is true for your home theater. Monster features exclusive patented technologies that are engineered to deliver the best possible audio and video, so you know you’re getting all the performance you paid for.

Got HD? Then get HDMI speed rated cable for ultimate HD picture and sound
HDMI is the all in one digital connection for today’s home theater, capable of delivering 1080p ultimate high definition video and up to 7.1 lossless surround sounds from a single cable. Monster HDMI cables are speed-rated so you can easily select the cable that’s right for your equipment.

Power protection for you home theater investment
Featuring the world’s most advanced power protection and patented monster clean patented Monster clean power noise filtering, Monster power centers keep your audio and video components safe and let them perform their best.

Never be so expensive that you cannot afford to have one, come to our shopping mall, you will get one at a much favorable price.

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Av xiang luo - 8 september 2010 11:49

QWERTY Keypad is used widely on the mobile phones. On the street, you can find that many people use QWERTY Keypad Mobile Phones. Such design is really convenient and easy to operate. Today, chinajiaho have a special cool type for you, let’s view the features of this flip QWERTY Keypad phone:

Firstly, owing to the pictures, this is fashionable type for both men and women, never too manly or womanly. You should also be attracted that it is a Dual SIM Card Phone with dual cameras. It includes almost functions that appeared in today’s mobile technical. Such Quad Band Dual Card QWERTY Keypad WIFI TV FM Mobile Phone is compatible with Bluetooth, MP3 / MP4 player, Calendar, Memo, Alarm clock, TV, WiFi, Calculator, Voice recorder, 2G Memory card, GPRS, Sound recorder, E-book reader, FM, MMS, WAP, JAVA, MSN and so on.

What’s more? This is a Quad Band cell phone that means you can use this phone all over the world, it is also called world phone. The TV and WIFI functions are advanced. With such two advanced functions, you can watch tv everywhere you can get the signal and surfing on Internet through WIFI.

Finally, to match different favors of customers, it is designed with 3 colors: Black, Red and Purple. The flip design appeared in the dimension of 88×62×17mm.

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Av xiang luo - 3 september 2010 09:14

Portable Scanner aims to work as a very useful assistant for office people to manage docs easily and efficiently. With this BY500, a powerful e-Doc management solution, you can scan, copy, print, OCR, video record, email and document classification, and so on. It is really a good partner and a useful tool for both office and home. If you are office people, bank clerks, government officials, schoolteachers or people in other sectors in need of an overall e-Doc management solution, such Portable Scanner is the best assistance for you.

As a computer accessories of scanner, it captures images of real objects at high resolution in one second. The captured image can be in true color or in black and white. When you want to copy the document, it can capture a document or an object up to A4 size in one second, and the captured document can be printed out via any printer. Then, it helps you to print scanned materials any time as a good printer. Coolly, it can also works as a name card scanner, providing powerful recognition function.

And, you may not familiar with OCR function, here, it can convert scanned printed text materials into .txt processing files that can be easily edited and stored. This can greatly save your time to type printed materials. For English language, the compatibility can be 96%.

Different with normal scanner, it can send email so that you can share docs with others easily by emailing docs from the management system directly. Lastly, being a good assistance, it helps you to classify docs by different formats including Word/Excel/PDF etc. files can be converted into those formats easily.

You should wonder its specification, ok, let’s check the following features of such amazing portable scanner together:
Image resolution: 5M
Capture size: Up to A4 Size
Power: USB powered (no extra adaptor needed)
Interface: USB 2.0
Image format: JPEG, TIF, PDF
Light sources: Ambient light & Aux 10 LEDs
Bundle software: NimoDoc with powerful OCR function
Language supported: Multi-languages
OS: Windows 2000 (SP4)/ WinXP /VISTA/Win7
Product size: 423x83x65mm

Based the above introductions and features, you should be interested with the lovely and useful product. Have one for your business, or for your home. Good idea!

More Computer USB gadgets, please visit CHINAJIAHO.COM

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