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Av xiang luo - 31 augusti 2012 17:12

Are you get ready for a new tablet pc ? here you can learn more about how to choose a tablet pc that meets your need.
Ok, Let’s starts !
Here We list four hot selling tablet on 2011
No.1       7 inch Google Android OS Tablet PC  (click  image for more detail)

No.2        8 Inch Google Android 2.3 Tablet with Multi-Point Capacitive Touch Screen
( click  image for more detail)

No.3     10 Inch Google Android 3.2 Tablet PC Multi-Touch Capacitive Screen
                (click  image for more detail)

No.4         9.7 Inch Touch Screen Google Android 2.3 OS (3.0 UI) Tablet
                   (click  image for more detail)

Av xiang luo - 21 augusti 2012 04:23

Concerned about the phone to help you dream that one day the company will be able to communicate with each other in the wrist communication through the development of electronic technology, high. Watch phone is not Bluetooth watch with your phone, this is a good watch mobile phone companies. Moreover, it is only in recent decades, the volume of the mobile phone the size of the bricks. Now, thanks to modern technology, semiconductor ring can now adapt to your wrist, like a digital watch.

However, the mobile phone function of the watch and the convenience of the mobile phone, and the detailed information is displayed in the following manner:
1.Touch screen: Many cell phone touch screen watch. Cell phone watch makes them very easy to use. When you do not use the phone time is displayed on the screen.
2.Media storage: watch phone is compatible with many MP3 players and other media programs. These people use something other than phone calls.
3.Text news: most of the watches have the ability to send text messages to mobile phones, but more difficult than in the traditional mobile phone.
4. Color: watch phone can really become a fashion, because they can be in a bright color. People can also choose to see the phone, and looks more like a traditional watch.
5.Camera: some mobile phone equipped with a digital camera and video recorder, watch, so you do not miss them to use this feature.
6.Bluetooth: Some people think that the the unusual watch mobile phone, because it must be closer to his mouth to speak. Many mobile phone watch with Bluetooth function, the user can helmet, rather than see their mouths.

See alarm phone call, or a loss will not occur. Traditional mobile phones, slept you miss a call or alarm switch? However, a wrist watch phone or alarm the case is quite a remarkable achievement, vibration and sound is difficult to ignore the noise or movement of the right wrist.

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